I've Got a Good Mind to Slap Your Fat Face

New post today up on Seattle 2.0:

Hark has been an amazing ride so far, and the best is still yet to come. It is more often than not extremely taxing (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially) but I strongly believe that people who are wired this way simply must do it - birds gotta fly, bees gotta sting, honey's got to be beared, entrepreneurs gotta entrepreneur. To encourage other to join into my shared hysteria, I have also recently publicly committed to helping more startups out - especially in Seattle. And, as the recent startup weekends and broad financial activity show, there's lots to be excited about up here. However, time and again, I run into the same critical flaw that dooms vision after vision from becoming real. So what is this fatal flaw that is infecting the community? Simple - caring about what you release.  »

There's a difference between a commitment to quality and making that the ONLY thing you care about. There are more important things in this world for Web sites.