Outbound Marketing 101

In running Hark, I've learned a ton about being a Web publisher, some day, if I have the time, I'll write a book, or series of blog posts, or at least a tweet or two, summing it all up and making it slightly easier for the next folks.

But one of the most illuminating thing is how bad everyone else is at seemingly simple things. Today's example comes from an ad network who wants to advertise against our site - they reached out to say how much they loved us, and wanted access to our audience. Great! Now they turn around and as what our traffic is to a whole litany of countries. This is visible in any number of tools, and you need to get it from me? Plus, what do you care? It's all ad networks, you could just throw up the tags and tune (or passback) as much as you want.

My outbound marketing 101 is when you fail to do even basic research about the person you're trying to get something from, your chance of success drops enormously. The LEAST you can do is look up the simple stuff saving every one time in the process.