One More Day of Being Mostly Wrong

Ok, I am the least qualified person in the world to comment on the current "I can't say what I want without no repercussions" mess, but I'm going to anyway.

First - that's part of the problem! What the hell people, everything you say isn't some miraculous gift from God that needs to be heard by everyone.

YOU'RE. NOT. THAT. FUCKING. SMART. (me included)

Can you imagine the kind of arrogance required to think "This may annoy a BUNCH of people but I better say it or the world will be a worse off. It's my responsibility to piss people off for the good of humanity!"?

Second - all these ideas that you're talking about are INCREDIBLY COMPLEX. They requires years of research, historical analysis, nuanced conversations, etc etc.

Suffice it to say if you think you've got the solution to homelessness, or global warming, or hiring bias, or anything because you had a dinner conversation, you're probably missing something.

"How hard could it be to create a global distributed data store. I can figure it out and I don't even have a CS degree." You feel that bile rising up in you? THAT'S WHAT IT FEELS LIKE FOR EVERYONE ELSE WHEN YOU SAY SHIT.

Third - I have yet to hear of a single issue that at any point in history was both proven correct and required being horrible/reductive to large groups of (often vulnerable) humans. Feel free to prove me wrong.

What about evolution? Heliocentrism? World is flat? In every one of those cases, the people forwarding those opinions had REAMS of data and hundreds of supporters.

The best, most recent, example I know of is Barry Marshall, who won the nobel in 2005 for proving that a bacteria caused ulcers, not stress. 

He was PILLORIED by the community FOR YEARS. But, let's be clear - his theory wasn't "This race are naturally criminals." It was that a foreign organism caused ulcers (which overturned a lot of research).

I honestly can't think of ANYTHING that started with "The homeless should eat each other for food" and turned into anything good. Again, interested in a counter example.

Before you add, YES I've read Galileo's Middle Finger, and YES, horrible scientists can be horrible people too. Nothing in that book contradicts this point.

My net take: Perhaps you should stick with what you know? If you really do have a FUCKING PHENOMENAL idea, that's awesome! Do some research, find someone in the field and chat about it, and get them as a supporter.

And do it again. And do it again. And again. And read this essay on how to be humble about your eventual published article/opinion.

And for those who say "But I'm just voicing my opinion on Twitter! It's free speech!" You're damn right! And it's other people's free speech to call you a naive tool!

Unless you are really confident in your opinion, and ready to stand up to slings and arrows, perhaps you should have a 1:1 conversation rather than blast it to 100s of thousands of Twitter followers?

Particularly if it's something outside of your core area where you may not have context? "How hard is it to make a profitable company? Just spend less than you make!" FEEL THAT BILE. REMEMBER IT.

But, AGAIN, this goes back to step 1. There is almost no way your idea is that valuable. If you really think it is, do the hard work and confirm it.