Turning It Up To 11... Of What?

I'm quite addicted to Car2Go. While the driving experience is perfectly adequate (I'll discuss this in a future blog post), the gamefication of mileage is pretty fun. Basically they show you a little leaf that indicates how in each category (acceleration, cruising and deceleration) you're doing on a gas efficiency stand point. And to say I'm the GREATEST of all time, is not much of an overstatement. OBSERVE AND FEAR!

The interesting thing is that first column - damn you acceleration! But it leads to an interesting question - I do not even know what to do. I mean, theoretically I know what to do, but I need more feedback.

Which brings up this WTF error I just saw the other day:
In the history of software error programs this isn't even the worst. Even so... what application? what files? what will happen if I don't? What the fuck?

Which brings back to the slug of this article (which I can't seem to change). Gamefication, or user feedback, is only useful if you tell me what to do NEXT. Not my eventual goal, or even the five steps after this one, NEXT.

File under UX 101.