A Microcosm of Our Dickish Society

While traveling across the 520 bridge in Seattle this past weekend, we had the displeasure to get stuck in traffic as they raised the midspan. Here's what the traffic jam looked like...

In one direction:

And the other:

Fantastic. Remember the other direction had the same backup... for 30 minutes.

And what was all this wait for? One fucking sailboat, with a 45+ foot tall mast (I was too far back to take a picture).

I honestly don't care if this was a 1-percenter or an 80-percenter, the thought of one person causing (what I would assume) was at least 1000 people to wait around for a half hour is RIDICULOUS. How does that make any sense in a society? And the government supports it! Why not force all non-commercial boats to make the transition between 9 pm and 6 am? It's just common courtesy people.