What about Trying To Avoid Trying To Avoid Failing? Win?

New post on Seattle 2.0 today:
Congrats on becoming an entrepreneur, get ready for misery. Dave McClure’s extended rant telling you what an idiot you are to want to do a startup is a wonderful summary of all the many things that can and will go wrong with your new baby. It instantly reminded me of a great story in "D-Day, June 6, 1944"  by Stephen Ambrose. He writes of a private Charles East of the 29th Division, who was "told by his commanding officer on the eve of D-Day that nine out of ten would become casualties in the ensuing campaign[.] East looked at the man to his left, then at the man to his right, and thought to himself, You poor bastard." If you want to do a startup, you have no option but to think this way, because you will fail. Your business is not the exception; your technology is not a revolution; your team is nothing special. You are going to fail. And the worst thing you can do in the world is try to prepare for that fact.  >>
There have been quite a few posts going around about failing in startups. This feels like just a giant pendulum swinging back and forth, encouraging and discouraging people to leave large companies and go do something else. For whatever reason (economy I assume), we are way back in the "don't even try it." camp right now.