Social Webs

New post on Seattle 2.0 today:
We are all narcissistic whores. The Interweb has done it to us; it’s impossible not to stare into the pond when there is nowhere else to look. As a result, we spend far too much time watching river of social data for every mere mention of something that we care about or, worse, gazing at our navel because no one is talking about us. So we listen, and talk, and every so often it pays off in just a little bit of an echo to make us feel like someone cares if we live or die. So is this a screed against new media? Not at all. There is a point to all this, and not only is it valuable for you, it’s crucial for your startup. >>
I wish I could say that it's been nothing but successes for me, but this is what I've learned so far - get out, get out get out because you never know what's going to hit.