Parsing through a long list of blogs to read

There have been a bunch of resources I've kind of been sitting on, intending to read for a while. My storage location is currently a tab group in my favorites. This isn't really scalable, but it's very difficult to find some place to store something that might be useful "in a while". I know I said I'd post these on my blog, but I'm not sure how useful that really is. Even if I'm posting it just for myself, I would only go back and look at it if I got particularly nostalgic some time. But I guess any public place is better than a tab group, so I'll just dump these one at a time over the course of the next couple of days:

Interesting history of Interviewing Technical People - One thing I particularly like about this is it's not just a littany of advice, it's just a history of this individual's experience. Take as much or as little as you might like from it.