30 Rock... well... Rocks

Normally I'd feel even the slightest twinge of guilt posting an entire script from a TV show, since it's really someone else making with the funny, but this is so good, I don't even know what to say. It's so packed with humor, it's as good as the Simpsons in their prime.

Tracy Jordan: Who else is going to be at this thing?
Jack Donaghy: You’ll be on stage with NAS…
TJ: No, he hates me! We used to date the same girl.
JD: What about Young-G-Z?
TJ: Forget about it… I called his pitbull a gaywad on 106th and Park.
Liz Lemon: That would do it…
JD: The Game
TJ: Nope
JD: T.I.
TJ: Ain’t nothing happening…
JD: Superhead
TJ: No can do
JD: Fab-u-lous
TJ: Won’t do
JD: RuhDonkeyKong
TJ: Nooooo!
JD: MC SkatCat
TJ: What?
JD: Homunculous
TJ: (Shakes head)
JD: Raw Dog
TJ: Heeeeeeeeeeeelllll no! Me and his beef goes way back. We were both cast members on a Nickelodeon show called Ray-ray’s mystery garage!

(Flash back)

RD & TJ: Brush your teeth, Brush your teeth, when it’s time for bed you got to brush your teeth!
RD: Hey chump, you scuffed my sneakers. Dr. J wears these!
TJ: Sorry man… I’m pretty drunk.
RD: Know what, I’m going to eat your family.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a little thing I like to call comedy gold.