Too funny. A couple of really cool things about this:

1) It's on a site about "Cool Tools". As though the mouth is a tool.
2) Anything that will help me do that whistle thing with your tongue which is orders of magnitude louder than a regular whistle is cool.
3) Great use of frequencies!

"Talk under the din." If you are at a loud party and find yourself shouting louder and louder just to talk to people, begin speaking "under the noise." What is happening is that the voices in the room are competing in the same frequency range - so that people raise their volume and their pitch when they feel they can't be heard. They shout in high voices. All you have to do is not compete. Talk in a quieter, deeper voice, and you will be heard easily. Try it. You will be shocked at how easy it is to talk under the din.

I can't believe anyone needs to know how to do the "Screech 'N' Skid"? Or the "Gummy Cheeks"? Maybe they need a mouth sounds for experts!