Terry Schiavo Round-up

It's a real shame that the individuals in this case like this have been caught up in the middle of what has become an enormous lightning rod. My feelings (not that they matter to you) is that if someone is in a persistent vegitative state, that's it, wrap it up and go home. You can keep them alive if you want, but that's only for you and not for them. Just so it's in writing, if I'm ever in a state like that (no higher brain function whatsoever), I want my body chopped up and used for gardening. If you want to do something for me, cut off my head and drop it in some liquid nitrogen for some future date when they can bring the dead back to life. But keeping me wrapped up in a hospital does no one any good. This is just me of course, there are a number of choice writings in the 'sphere that have more well-reasoned views which you may enjoy:

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But my favorite, which wraps up many of my feelings about how politicians have been reacting to the case rather than the details of the case itself comes from Scalzi

A reader has asked me what I think of the Terry Schiavo case. Well, naturally, I think that I think it's wonderful that we live in a country where the heads of the House, Senate and the Executive branch feel perfectly at ease using the immense power of the national government to micromanage the medical decisions of a single individual, because of course it's not like there's anything else it needs to be doing at the time.

Mmmm mmm! Chock full of sarcastic biting goodness! Read on for more delicious wit! (Also, subscribed!)